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Default Re: This is not a goodbye thread

Originally Posted by what the funk of it View Post
Exuse me?! What exactly do you find so sad about this law? Without it so much great talent would have never gotten the time of day. Why should an entire continent be forced to listen to the same playlist written up by the suits in LA? After all, that's what the other 70% is for.

It gives us a little independance and individuality. We've got a prospering music scene that's definately worth a look - and a listen. As a Canadian musician, I couldn't be more happy and proud to have this law on my side. It gives us a fighting chance.

If a Canadian content law is sad, what do you call your right to bare arms???

Weeeeeellllll, maybe I'm the wrong person to comment. But I personally always felt it was to make up for the lack of quality. The GOVERNMENT had to ENSURE that there is a certain amount of CAnCon (Canadian Content) or else it wouldn't be played at all. Why? It's just not that good, IMO. If it was, there'd be no law. If Kim Mitchell or Thom Chochrane could compete with Bob Dylan, it wouldn't have to be manditory to play 'Patio Lanterns', but it is.

I am fully aware that not everyone agrees with this and I also am aware that I moved away from that country to my other legal home, where I am now. However, I've always felt this way about CanCon, the proof is in the crap they end up playing, just because it's Canadian. The 'suits in LA' never program radio stations other than their own country's anyway. Think about it, do they care what happens in Vancouver? No. The fact is, radio people IN Canada, DO Canadian programming and always have. What Can Con has always amounted to is slotting in 'Fly By Night' and 'These Eyes' between songs that are ACTUALLY ON the charts ant the moment.

The bear arms law is like many that has just never been repealed and is used by gun toting red-necks to justify their owning a weapon (which, as has been pointed out, is rubbish). The law was from when the British were literally banging down their doors.

This is turning out to be a pretty good thread=)

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