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Default Re: What would you pay??

If DW began to charge its members for access, DW would no longer be a "Public Site". That would change everything! It would become a private "Good Ole Boys Club" so to speak. I think that in the long run that would be a mistake! DW is the way that it is because it attracts people to it by its unique make up of guests,viewers, and members. I like the fact that it has rules that are strictly enforced and moderated. (Even though we all push the limits of these rules sometimes! Myself included! LOL!) If this was a pay site and a member who had made large contributions began to break the rules, would there be a leniency towards his/her behavior because of large contributions that he/she had made to the site? I'm sure that this would become a factor or at least a topic of discussion either by members or staff when it became necessary to dicepline or banish someone for breaking the rules. I think that DW should stay just the way that it is for as long as it can. Making DW a pay site would only degrade it in the long term.
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