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Default Re: This is not a goodbye thread

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
Alright , in n out of the land of JG, MFB, and the Queen.Missed you all but caught some great dim sum at One World on Gerrad street.

I think the Coldstream guard batteures play Pearl drums if I wasnt mistaken, peering through the grills of Buckigham palace.

'Billy Elliot' at the Victoria Theatre outdid broadway. The music shops on Denmark Street sucked ( great books and vintage guitars/amps selections.. outrageously priced though ).Hank's had some very nice 1960 Strats... disinterested salespeople though........avoided Kanye in Hyde park and Madonna further west.. tried not getting run over by people headed out to Wimbledon....

Tate and National portrait galleries were deeply satisfying. What a great town y'all live in.. otr thereabouts.
Excuse me! I live here too. D:

Yeah the music shops on Denmark Street are a bit overpriced and the staff aren't very good. Of course maybe you're just not used to UK (esp london) prices lol.
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