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It's interesting how everybody rags on Joey about so-and-so being faster than him or being more technical, etc.... but it was the popularity of Joey that got people on the internet even talking about all this speed/tech stuff in the first place. Everyone mentions that they passed him up on the way to discovering bigger, better drummers but A LOT of these drummers wouldn't have even been heard of it weren't for Slipknot. If we could go back in time (when youtube didn't even exist) and look all over the internet for some videos of extreme metal drummers doing their thing when Slipknot was really getting big, you would be lucky to find as many videos as you could count on one hand. Metal drummers (and I'm referring to the younger ones) are always trying to one up each other, which makes it impossible to see metal music as a form of art. It has just become a sport.

I just pulled out my old Slipknot IOWA cd tonight for the first time in years and in all of the extreme bands I've heard in that time, the ol' knot still has that unique sound. It is an organic, breathing, vicious sound that has, over time, become replaced by bands with a mechanical, lifeless, overly pro-tooled sound. I still give my respects to Joey because I think he is a killer drummer and when you have that many fans AND that many people who hate you, you know you've done something right.
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