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Lots of really nice kits here. Loving the vintage ones, and (obviously) the "retro" newer ones!

Here are my Classics after getting them out of the closet.... with fresh heads and cymbals.

The Supraphonic is stamped November 3rd, 1967.

I ordered the bass and toms (22x16, 13x9, 16x16, 16x16) brand new from Ludwig in June, 1997.

Cymbals are all Istanbul Mehmet: 14" Legend (Mel Lewis) hats, 16" thin crash, 20" Nostalgia crash/ride (would like to rivet), and a 20" medium to round it out.

You can see how the color has "deepened" (or yellowed!) after 12 years vs. the newer clear coated maple kits in the thread.


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