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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


Again, I mean no disrespect to your friends. It's just a hard thing for me to watch/listen to....and I may have explained myself vaguely or incorrectly. (And I'm still unable to come up with words or phrases!)


Although I play mostly traditional, I never consider it one way verses another. I play both ways---and if you think of it like that it simply comes down to playing. Playing is IT. The grip is a means to an end. I see no advantage one way or another but by playing both ways you will think of think of different things to play based on your grip. It comes down to an essence or internal feeling. You might conjure up ideas -- or get inspired to go somewhere with traditional that wouldn't have occurred with matched and vice versa. So don't get caught up in "one way or another." Have fun with both!

Hope I've helped.

Cheers from upstate NY,
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