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Default Re: girlfriends, wives, and the like coming to gigs

I guess I'll have to take the other side here. I much prefer to be alone at work, except for the other players of course, because that's what I do and I like to be able to be in my own space, so to speak, when I'm doing it.
I like to get to the gig by myself, set up by myself, get myself together, warm up on the pad, have a beer, and not have to entertain or otherwise pay attention to anyone or anything except the job at hand. It's my time, my life, my world.
My wife works nights so she can't come to my gigs, and when she's off the last thing she wants to do is hang around a night club. She'll come see the band play every now and then but we respect each other's right to go our own ways.
In the past I've had girlfriends come to gigs and honestly speaking I found it annoying. I'm very jealous of my musical world and I don't like having any distractions around.
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