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Default Re: girlfriends, wives, and the like coming to gigs

I read the tag line and thought this thread would go in a completely different direction. My thoughts are probably different to the way folks have been commenting. If you are a hobbiest who plays only occasionally then I say bring the whole family, the wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/brother/Mom and Dad and make the gig an occasion. If you are a serious musician, however, and hope to make a career out of this I can't help but come to a different conclusion. If you were a plumber would you take your girlfriend to work with you? I have seen more bands fall apart because of significant others than you would believe. If you are supposed to be a professional then go to work and do your job. Now, there is nothing wrong with your significant other turning up for the show as long as they understand you are at work - that you can't get hammered with them - that you can't hang out with them and, once again, that you are at work. This is a message that rarely seems to get through! And, under no circumstances do you bring significant others to rehearsals or recording sessions (unless they are in the business too!)

Having said all that, I have clients and friends who are at the top of the professional tree and for certain gigs they always turn upn with their wives. C'est la vie . . .

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