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Default Re: girlfriends, wives, and the like coming to gigs

[quote=mrchattr;590611] I have to admit, our shows tend to have lots of hot dancing, us getting flashed, etc, and being on stage, you have to encourage it and partake in itQUOTE]

Pennsylvania just got a whole lot sexier!

Always had the girl-in-the-audience thing going: Get done playing and they come up to you. For the next few shows, had someone to help me lug stuff from the car : )
One ended up being a girlfriend for 1 1/2 years - and she went to every gig and recruited a ton of her [cute] girlfriends for each show. Suddenly my guy friends were making their way to all the shows too. She was a groupie/roadie/promoter all in one (unfortunately she was unstable/childish/high-maintenance as well)

Now it gets tricky when the current girl comes [to every show] and there will be 4 ex's in the audience who didin't mention they were coming (the girlie is in Vietnam for a solid month, so I don't have to worry too much about awkwardness/cat-fights)... Tomorrow night I'm playing in Pasadena, and 3 of them live nearby and all said "see you then".

..."I'd rather you didn't"

"don't be silly, I'll see you there"

"It's not silly - it's 'I don't want trouble'"

"Oh I'll be good [this time]"

we will see!
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