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Default Re: girlfriends, wives, and the like coming to gigs

I have a very hot wife, who helps with set-up and sound when she comes to shows. However, she rarely comes, which is ok with me. I gig way too often (multiple times a week, frequently multiple shows in a day over the summer) to disrupt her life that often. She is also into painting, and does her best work when I'm not around to distract her, so her best time to paint is when I gig.

I have to admit, our shows tend to have lots of hot dancing, us getting flashed, etc, and being on stage, you have to encourage it and partake in it (both when it's easy and when it's ugly chicks and you wish they would pull their shirts back down), so even though she is ok with that, I find it easier to roll with that stuff when she isn't around.
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