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Default developing improvisational skills

Originally Posted by branflakes992 View Post
Hey Chuck,
You always hear improvised afro-cuban patterns on drum set by a bunch of good players. How can I build my improvisational skills when it comes to making a pattern?
hey and thanks for writing.
Improvisational skills can be gained by, well honestly, playing. You have to have some basic foundational ideas "down" first. In this way, others with whom you are playing will feel comfortable. This will give you the opportunity to play and soon, to attempt to improvise.
I have some ideas I've used with my own playing and, then, with my students. I'll try, this week, to get them online either as transcription type lessons or on youtube. Very basically, I've taken some important rhythms played by the quinto (drum used in rumba) and transferred them to the drum set.
btw, I do teach by DVD and, soon, online.

Thanks for your interest!

Chuck Silverman
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