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Default Re: Question: Logic for a Mac

If you are a student, Pro is the best way forward. I know you say price makes no difference, but to put it in perspective it cost me 120 to get the full version of Pro Studio. Phenomenal pricing. I have used 7 Express and 8 Pro and I can say that Pro is worth the upgrade. Although Express is a very, very capable DAW, the extras that come with Pro become more invaluable the more you use it. I've noticed I'm using a lot of the 'Sculpture' synth patch and some of the other advanced plug-ins as well as 'Waveburner' for a lot of my CD finalisation. Logic Studio is so much more than just Logic, all the applications are useful. If money is no object, Pro. If money is an object, Express is very capable. Logic has been my DAW of choice for three years now and I've used 5.5, 6 Express, 7 Express and Pro and 8 Pro extensively and I can say that 8 Pro is by far the best of the lot.

I'm also looking at getting Ableton 8 and Max for Ableton.

To check the student pricing go onto Apple and search for the 'Education' section. You'll have to enter your region and school and it should tell you what you are entitled to for all Apple products. Logic is on a fixed price, but I don't know what the American pricing is.
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