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Comments from - Ian Paice - regarding, the recording an album now, very interesting:

The other thing is that people are getting very standardised in the sound that they are allowed to produce in the studio. Producers know that there is a certain sound you can get very easily and very quickly and thatís what they want you to go for. Again you have the same problem where the individuality has been taken out of it; itís very hard to tell whoís playing anymore. To go back to one of the simplest examples, when Bonzo was playing you knew it was him, it was his sound, when Mitch Mitchell was playing, you knew it was him, it was his style, when Ginger Baker was playing, you knew it was Ginger because it was him. The standardisation of everything is making us lose our humanity and what makes those old records still interesting to kids today who werenít even born when they were made, is that they have a human connection with the musician creating it. Thatís all been taken away by the technologically perfect medium with which we are asked to create art now, the records are now perfect and theyíre not as good.
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