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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

Originally Posted by JENGLISH817 View Post
These types of pedals are so un-natural looking to me. For those that use these, how does it feel being front and squared to the kit as opposed to the traditional angled way thats been done for so long?
I bought a Sleishman not too long ago and it took a while to get used to the placement in between the snare however the balance achieved is fantastic. You do not have to lean and stretch to hit the toms, they are directly in front of you and well within your reach. This means there is also more room for your cymbals to the right of you. You may have to set your floor tom a little further away but is still well within reach and a minor thing. You can also bring your hi-hat stand a lot closer too and playing just feels so much more comfortable. If you've ever sat on a double bass drum kit, this is how it feels but with one bass drum. The only way to tell if you like it is to play one yourself. Like i said placing it in position is difficult at first as it needs to be done a certain way in conjuction to the snare stand however when you sort this problem it's fantastic, fun and almost effortless to play. I would highly recommend one over any conventional double pedals.
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