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From Mike Dolbear:

Ian Paice needs no introduction. He is the powerhouse that has for 40 years propelled Deep Purple with a deep sense of groove, power, swing and swagger. He remains the only man to have played in all the line ups since the bands inception. He spawned a whole generation of rock drummers with his speed, control and knowing when to leave space. His career has also taken in the multi platinum Whitesnake outfit and funky offshoots such as Paice Ashton Lord. He continues to mesmerise audiences - but it is his lengthy recording legacy that is astonishing.

The following question was asked to Ian Paice:

In terms of technique, youíre well known for a very fast even single stroke roll and doubles as well, how do you keep that up over the years?

I think every player has things they find easier than other things. Iíve always found doubles very simple, and that means both speed and power, singles almost as simple. The singles the most basic thing in the world, the hard thing with singles is when youíre getting up to a good speed is to keep the evenness of the hands, your weak hand always wants to start doing something different whether it gets tired or just slightly out of synch. Thatís just practice. I donít mean to practice for hours at a time, itís a matter of just keeping the muscles remembering what theyíre meant to do, and it might be two or three minutes a day. At the end of the day the real speed starts with your fingers, itís a matter of just getting the muscles in balance, so singles and doubles Iíve never really found difficult. I find flams a little more demanding, I play them but Iím sure I donít play they correctly, but itís sort of worked OK for me.

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