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Default EQ'ing and voluming amps for band practice?

Voluming isnt a word but whatever. So basically my bands practice are sounding pretty good right now. This is a band in which I play my main instrument which is guitar. All the instruments can be heard pretty clearly and none of the amps overpower or drown out the drums, but I still think practice overall can sound better. The room is pretty spacious though it is a basement. I was just wondering if you guys have any tips on how to EQ the guitar/bass amps to clear and clean everything up. Especially in EQ'ing the guitar amps to compliment each other while letting the bass still cut. Right now my amp is set to a moderate level of distortion and gain with the bass at about 4 to let the bass guitar fill the bottom end. I have my mids up there at 7 to let myself cut through the band without overpowering the band, however i set up the other guitar the same way and I think it could all be better however I am relatively new to the understanding of instrument frequencies and how they should coincide in a band/recording setting. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you my friends!
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