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Lots of questions! OK........

I think there were a lot of factors other than the dvd that helped raise my visibility in the drum world. In many ways the stars were aligned just right and the dvd helped, but one thing is the fact that I've done 100 shows a year for the last ten years in front of 2 to 15 thousand people a night. Also I've been doing several clinics a year since 2003. We had a live dvd play on HD channels for quite some time, and in 2008 I did Brian Wilson's "That Lucky Old Sun" cd (and live dvd and documentary) which Rolling Stone and Mojo gave 4 stars add in more clinics, more shows, the dvd, more shows, TV, Modern Drummer Fest.......and that's the way it goes I suppose. It just feels I'm doing what I've always been doing.

I had full control over the dvd and will have full control when I do a second one. That's one of the reasons I went with Altitude Digital---Eric Dorris and I were off and running after the first lunch. He's become a dear friend and he's a talented drummer as well as filmmaker. The only thing that will be different on #2 will obviously be the content. We had a small crew but all the contents came from my noggin.'

I'm sorry that I can't recall the lick your speaking of from the MD fest. I may have done a double para/half para hand to hand thing with the accents in a biao rhythm. There was also maybe a half para (RLRR) lick played at the 4:3 rate, that if you lag the left hand becomes the Tony Williams Blushda or Gabloosh lick (in the interview section). But none of those are true poly rhythms in any sense. Perhaps you can be more specific or give the dvd time (ex 29.14) of where you are talking about.

My sight reading most likely isn't anywhere where it used to be when I was doing sessions everyday. I suppose if you don't use it you loose it a little---and would take a bit of work to get back to the level it was. I do think reading is important and has served me well in my career. I just haven't had anyone hand me a chart in quite some time!

Hope I've answered your questions, donv.


We didn't meet the President but it was an incredible and memorable day. You can check out part of the story here:

Cheers from Boston,

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