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Originally Posted by radeq
ok this one is my second favourite drummer, you like him?
On the one hand, I have the most immense respect for Weckl's hard work and dedication to the instrument. He's done more with it than any of us will in our lives, and he's got stylistic versitility to kill for.

On the other hand, I saw him play in London with his band and I've never been so bored at a live gig in my life. Easily the worst "drum" gig I've ever seen. It's sort of like watching a well-programmed sequencer do its thing. Impressive for a while, but after a while it just becomes a constant barrage totally lacking in tension and release. And since he now plays pretty much exclusively fusion I have to sit there listening to music that sounds like it belongs in a lift or a porn movie in order to watch him do his thing.

Stunning, but simultaneously underwhelming. How do you communicate that? I find it's kind of like the opposite of inspiration. Watching Dave Weckl strips me of my motivation to practice, very rapidly. Which is odd, considering almost every other drummer I see inspires me in some way or another.
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