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sweet! CAB playing on this side of the Atlantic. i'm in london but am seriously considering getting to France for this.

is there a website for the festival?

and if Virgil can't groove, then why did he replace Dennis (universally considered to have one of the deepest pockets in the world) in CAB? i think his playing is brilliant with CAB.

I don't think everyone realises what Virgil is doing in his clinics. clinics are aimed at drummers. it's not necessarily a performance based purely on musically. clinics are about the sharing of technical knowledge, and playing tips, and in virgil's clinics he's displaying his technique and talent. I don't think there's anything wrong with this, as it's not your average concert. they are like one big drum lesson.

and i wish people would lay off Virgil. The impression I get is that he gets all the stick for his technical playing, whereas other players in his genre (mangini, lang, minnemann etc) get let off the hook. why is there so much negative feeling towards him? it's almost seems like some people want to punish him for exploring the boundaries of the instrument, and discovering what can be done with four limbs.
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