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Default Re: What to do with Sonor 3003s: Messin with setups

Thanks again for the compliments guys. Missed the extra comments on this thread recently.

Originally Posted by BoomSnapClap View Post
where did you get the idea to put the high hat in the middle? that is the most interesting thing i have ever seen... What are the Advantages/Disadvantages to doing that?
Like Boomstick mentioned I totally ripped off Bruford for this idea. Not sure if anyone did it before him, but that's that first time I ever saw it. For me it make some things I do more difficult, but also made other new things pop up. Just makes you think a bit differently. I also tried it because I was having arm cramps hitting the hi hat off to my left by crossing my right arm over like most drummers do. Since then though, I worked more on my technique and have alleviated those problems simply by improving that technique and my grip and most of the time still play a traditional setup.

Originally Posted by zambizzi View Post
How do you like the remote hats? Natural feeling or no?

I'd do the same thing but put my 14" floor tom on the it goes 14", 8", 10", 12", 16" - from left to right.
I notice a bit of lag in the feel of the remote hats. They're DW 9000 and maybe I just don't know how to adjust them properly. I don't think it's that bad, but a friend of mine who also plays tried them and absolutely hated them saying they were too slow.

And the floor tom on the left is fun too. I think I tried that at one time or another, probably when I first read about Neil doing it. I'm such a thief!

Originally Posted by zepplin92 View Post
BTW: what kind of sticks are those with the bumps.
Those are Trueline powergrip sticks which I totally love. They helped with the arm cramps that I mentioned earlier too and keep the sticks from slipping forward which I experienced alot of with my left hand. Sadly, due to our crappy economy, the company seems to have financial difficulties and has stopped producing sticks. Not sure if Trueline is completely out of business or not, but it's hard for a small company like them with a niche product like that to survive. Looks like the company is for sale according to the website. Billy Ward who is on this forum is an endorser.

Originally Posted by boomstick View Post
It's all good...except for that snare. Yeesh, that thing's ugly. I assume it sounds good though.
Oh yeah, that is one ugly dog! And yeah it sounds good. Didn't Gavin Harrison have a Sonor kit completely done in that same finish? At least mine is hiding behind all the black sparkle.
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