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everyone spews that whole "oh his kit is set up to this masonic temple's dimensions" or whatever, but does anyone understand what that actually means? i think it's hilarious that tool's whole thing is "think for yourself", and that's the last thing that most of their fans do. they lie to their fans so much and they just eat it up. genius on their part, but it's pretty sad for everyone else. it's kind of weird that old masonic temple have the exact dimensions needed to set up an regular drumset. there's nothing different about the way he sets his drumset up than anyone else. has anyone ever noticed that? the most ridiculous thing though is when they said that they filled the entire studio with helium to make the drums cut through better. i guess setting up your drumset to old masonic temple dimensions brings out the old masonic black magical powers of being able to not die from inhaling too much helium too. you know how they make the drums cut through better? two letters: E Q

the band started as a joke, and they continued that purpose in their own way for all these years, i wish i could make people believe things they way they can.
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