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Default Music for my skate video?

Hey Drummerworld, I know I haven't been active for awhile--I'm sorry, but that's because I've been working on learning to better use my film and editing equipment for the skate/film camp I'm going to, Camp Woodward.

So basically, I'll be shooting and editing a skateboarding video in the film production camp, and I need a song to edit to. I have to have permission to use it, and it should be fast paced and fun, or slower, but with a solid beat driving it.

Anyone here know any good music I can use, whether you know someone online, personally, or it's your band's music on Myspace? This would be a good chance to get some exposure, because you'd get mad props, credit, etc. although no payment.

Thanks in advance! You can post your myspace/youtube/whatever band here, or PM me or email me...I'm looking forward to picking out some tunes!
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