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Default Re: Why is it so hard to find people to jam with?

Sounds like you need to move up to NH : ) I have had good luck on CL up here and am now in a band with a great bunch of guys. All through CL. Not sure how far it will go but it is fun and we just started on our 2nd set list after about 8 practice sessions.

I agree with going to open mics as well, I went to one here in Dover on sunday and it was great, although I played like crap due to not knowing the songs and the kit was set up completely different than what I am used too. Still had a good time though and met some more players for possible future get togethers.

Lesson learned, next time I get on someone else's kit I will ask if it's ok if I adjust a few things, if they say no then I will not play on it rather than risk sounding like crap...although it was fun : )
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