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Default Guitars for Mommy!

ok, so since I have been in Iraq I have missed my mother's Birthday as well as Christmas without sending her gifts. (I'm a horrible son, yes, I know), but I intend on making this up to her. Let me explain my mom real quick. She has played guitar for as long as I can remember, and she plays for her church. She's not the 'rock mom' some of you may be thinking of. She doesn't do crazy solo's or try to do anything to show off, she's very humble would be a good way to put it. But she can play! She is easily the best female guitarist I have ever met. Since she's playing in church she sticks to just chords basically, to make the music sound more full. There have been numerous people who have come up to her amazed at how well she plays. She never misses a string, a note, or a beat. She can switch from any chord you can think of to another in under a 16th note, and does it perfectly.

So yeah, my mom knows her stuff, but the problem is she has never had the extra money to just throw into her guitar. She's always playing no name Fender Strat rip-offs, and that has always ticked me off. So while I was home this last time looking at guitars with her it dawned on me that a very nice top of the line guitar would be perfect for her. So that's what I'm going to get her.

Now here's my dilema, I'm a drummer, on a drummer's forum.... I know the equivalent of nothing when it comes to guitars. So my question is, along the lines Solid body electric guitars playing rythym, what should I get? I honestly want to spend a good deal on this guitar so nothing is too outlandish. (Except for maybe a signed Jimi Hendrix guitar lol) I'm thinking the Rickenbacker 620 in Mapleglo. =D
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