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Default Re: Pearl Session Studio kit

now that i've had time to soak it all in and let the newness wear off figured i'd make sort of an update post. ok first off, i'm back in iraq now with only 4 months to go, yay! secondly, if you look at the pictures you'll notice that all of the toms have Evans G2 coated heads on them...expect the 14 inch one. thats because i was stupid and picked up a G2 clear at the store. Doh! but i did get it fixed before i left lol.

looking at the kit now, i finally realize there's a giant price tag on my left china. Doh! i'll have to get that off when i get home again. the popcorn snare is also in a really bad position and i'll have to move it around.

so now here's my questions for all of you:

1. thoughts on the Pearl 503 rack? would you recommend switching to say, a Gibralter rack?
2. anyone else with gagillions of cymbals have advice or tips on organizing them? not entirely pleased with them set up the way they are.
3. i bought a bunch of 'big' cymbals, so i'm going to need a few smaller ones to fill some musical gaps as well as effects, thoughts?
4. next series to invest in: Zildjian K's, K Customs, Paiste Rudes, Signatures, or Sabian's HHX Evolution series? looking for some to fill slots of sounds i don't currently have. got to play the K Customs and HHX Evolutions at the music store and loved them both.
5. what's a better way to mount the Splashes? i'm using Latin Percussion Splash claws, but they are kinda limited and i can't put them where i actually want them.
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