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Okay, too much of any listening to any one voice will tune you out. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of Jojo, I think he's one of the very finest drummer's playing today - man, I play his sticks and have a 19" Fierce crash! - but there's a serious cult of personality thing going on that I'm sure he's more than wary of.

Let me explain - yes he produced probably the greatest single video lesson on hand technique yet made, and he's a voyager in terms of advancing his own musicianship and concept. But wait, really good drummers do that all the time and being put on too high a pedestal can be a lot of pressure. Admit it, if you like being called the greatest living thing to do anything you're an ego freak and probably not really making MUSIC from your heart or listening to the musicians around you. This is why these guys are cool when you meet them, they avoid thinking about how great you think they are because if that gets to the head they're toast.

So watch out, they're are hundreds and thousands of wicked drummers out there playing great music - there's no need to pigeonhole only one as the best. Respect be shown where it's deserved, but never let yourself be caught in an argument about why x is greater than y, cause someone will come at you hurling Blaker's, Elvin's, Bonham's, Gadd's or Carlock's!
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