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Default Re: This is not a goodbye thread

Originally Posted by jazzgregg View Post
Eddie- I was read a number of bizarre English laws, like 'it's illegal to shoot a Scot with a crossbow on Sundays', meaning of course, every other day- NO PROBLEM! Ah yes, the laws the House has never repealed. Also that it is illegal to fall asleep on a London bus. It's true, apparently. Here in Canada we can't buy beer at any store anywhere except for a liquor store or a beer store (called 'The Beer Store' ). No open alcohol anywhere in the car, no closed alcohol anywhere but in the trunk. Beer and liquor stores closed on Sundays. What else....I dunno, there's a few more I think, but yeah, we are not lax at all in those areas- I think in many cases Canada takes it's lead from the US way of doing things, which is never really a good idea. (Except that even in the US you can buy beer at many different stores unlike here).
There are some laws like you're allowed to shoot a scotsman in york minster on wendsdays with a longbow and that every person above the age of 10 has to learn archery. Clearly they're not enforced any more and you WOULD be nicked if you did actually shoot a scotsman with a longbow in wednsday in york minster.
I was on more about the stupid health and safety laws that seem to suggest that common sense doesn't apply anymore, like having to be trained to do a deadlift if you do work which requires moving boxes around. Do they do that in canada? I'm glad our alcohol laws aren't like in the US though where you're not allowed to go out on a night if you go to college and you're under 21 in case you go to a bar and have a drink. I hope the EU don't start making laws against alcohol, mind you i'm sure the french would have something to say about that XD.
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