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Default Re: A peek inside JoJo Mayers head...

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how long have you been writing music rick? you're pretty talented. and will you be taking requests any time soon? my vote goes to
I've been doing that for quite some time now, but obviously this was one of the hardest ones I ever did. The only thing equally difficult that I can recall was the drumpart of "Saisir" by Eric Truffaz.

The next one will be the this one, I'm already on it, but it will take at least a few more days depending on the time I have.
To give you at least some insight on the vid you've asked for: The ending (where he goes crazy around cymbals and the whole drumset) is exactly the same as in the one I've transcribed - it seems like a signature JoJo Mayer lick he likes to use. (Page 7 of my transcription, 4th line, second bar onwards).

Originally Posted by Average View Post
That is an awesome transcription. Thank you for doing it. He is a rudimental player if I've ever seen one.
Thank you. As far as rudimental player goes: Of course he is... I could break down at least 80% of the licks and fills he uses directly to rudiments. There are Singles, Doubles, Flams (quite obviously). But there's also reversed paradiddles (LRRLRLLR sometimes with the BD substituting for the diddles, so LBBLRBBR), Swiss Triplets, Alternating 3 Stroke Ruffs (basically the whole ending I was referring to earlier in this post), Multiple Bounces in the left hand... all kinds of things.
On the other hand, I could break down solos of other players like Gadd, Weckl, Smith or Colaiuta into rudiments just as well, simply because at the core of things, everything is either made up out of Singles, Doubles or flams.

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I'll second what that dude said! It's so awesome having guys like you on the forum.
I've also come to notice the lefty-fills and flams. I'd be very, very surprised if he was a lefty, but I recently noticed in a YouTube video (something like "Oli Rockberger Jojo Mayer duo Zurich") he started a really powerful fill left handed, which surprised me a little. I looked back through a few old videos, and sure enough, he does start a lot of stuff left handed. I'm sure there is a good reason - probably so he can end with a right.

Also thank you. As far as ending stuff on the right hand goes: That's the funny thing about it. He sometimes doesn't end on the right, but on left. Especially Page 4, last two lines. Its a permutation of paradiddles first and then singles. But the Paras and the singles are both leading with the left hand on the China Cymbal. Rather strange... I'd never ever naturally choose to play it that way... always lead this kind of things with the right hand. But really: It's an interesting question, at least he does seem like a guy who has intensivly worked on his left hand and leading with the left hand.
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