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Default Re: This is not a goodbye thread

Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
Have a great trip and do visit some of our DW members in Yorkshire and up in Manchester down the road. The trains out of London are fast and efficient to all points North...... by a Brit Rail pass..... you can have a pint on the train too :}
The trains are a lot lot better then they were 10 years ago. After they were privatised by the wicked witch of lincolnshire back in the 80s their service went down hill pretty rapidly and you'd be lucky if your train was there an hour after it said it would be. Now though, it's a lot better. Also about the pint thing yeah i think European laws are a lot more relaxed about drinking and that, i remember someone in Canada said that apparently you're not allowed to put alcohol in the driving compartment of a car and stuff like that? Well we have some silly enough laws here, like health and safety. Apparently i have to be trained to use a ladder.

Originally Posted by freebirdgdw View Post

The second city thing is more of a status/pride thing, nothing official. Some people say that Manchester should be the capital (mainly people from Manchester lol) but obviously it's never going to be so we settle with 'second city'.

Oh and it's Man U ftw. The rest of my family are city fans so it causes trouble :P If you're coming to England you're going to have pick a team. You can't just say you're neutral. Just to prepare you before any footy fans probe you! :P
Maybe after the war people will be so mad at the government for "surrendering" that they will force them out of london and they will have to set up a government in exile in Manchester and will forever be known as "The Manchester Republic"?

I'm glad you lot like footie so much. I'm not really a buff on the game or anything but i do support city. Hull City that is lol. 40 for a team shirt though? no thanks mate.
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