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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


Kudo's to you on the recent acknowledgement by MD. Took a lot of years to become an over night sensation huh? lol Is the lesson this, a darn good DVD can have that effect?

Am I assuming too much with thinking that the rise in your publicity is a result of the DVD and broader audiance it has put you in contact with? How much help did you seek out to put the DVD together? There has to be a lot involved that goes beyond drumming alone so how familiar were you with the process before starting? When you come out with #2 what will you do differently or maintain control over? I'm curious about this because when I started drumming DVD's and tapes didn't exist and I think next to a good teacher, their probably the best thing to happen for drummers since the advent of recording. They've opened up a new world of access for drummers and musicians in general.

In the brief write-up with you in the June MD from the Festival in NY, there is an example of one of your exercises, polyrhythmic paradiddle pattern. It's a great exercise, but I wonder why you consider it a paradiddle pattern? As you know the paradiddle is an alternate sticking rudiment and your exercise isn't. Of course this could be a error with MD. If not, why a paradiddle?

Last and quickly, how would you rate your sight reading skills? How important do you think sight reading is?

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