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Default Re: This is not a goodbye thread

Originally Posted by freebirdgdw View Post
Yea I got a good impression of Canada from BFC too lol. But I dunno it just seems like nice place, friendly neighbours to the north and all that. I don't have any real knowledge of the place. I suppose I'd just like to be somewhere where it snows at christmas lol.

The second city thing is more of a status/pride thing, nothing official. Some people say that Manchester should be the capital (mainly people from Manchester lol) but obviously it's never going to be so we settle with 'second city'.

Oh and it's Man U ftw. The rest of my family are city fans so it causes trouble :P If you're coming to England you're going to have pick a team. You can't just say you're neutral. Just to prepare you before any footy fans probe you! :P
You want snow? You can HAVE IT!! lol. Man, this year we had snow banks over my bloody head most of the season. You WANT that??? I'd like to be somewhere it DOESN'T.=)

Gotcha about the second city, of course Mancs would say that though=). Didn't you guys invent the butty or something like that?

Heh, er football. See, I have a club, for sure but I think I will TRY and stay neutral because no matter how much I LOVE that club, I can't relate to the kind of violence and fervour rivalries create there. I make no secret (even on here!=) that I'm a 4th Gen Manchester Utd supporter and defend myself for it constantly. In Canada, it's not liek they show many other matches besides the big 4. I'm coming to Old Trafford for a match as soon as I have the money, but I don't mind saying: no Stretford End for me, and I will be terrified! lol.

(Since we're talking about this now both you and Eddie: what do you think of the Ronaldo and Tevez vacancies? Who do you think can fill the shoes? I'm saying they need to look at people like Torres-who is going nowhere; David Villa- who is likely going to Real and maybe Benzema and Ribery, but I think they'll need more- that's a LOT of goals, speed and free kicks to account for. They are looking at Valencia and he's not good enough IMO. They need massive signings, I think or be prepared to pull an Arsenal and build up the young guys like Macheda and Wellbeck while taking a hit in quality for a while. And please, SAF for Gods sake, please just let Nani off the bus somewhere and ask him not to come back.)

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