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Default Re: This is not a goodbye thread

Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
Everything is locked up tight here Gregg. Don't you know we're the gang capital of North America. We've had more gang related by rival member to member shootings resulting in death this year than the number of gigs in total i've done in 09!. Maybe they'll all do each other in so it will the nice place to live again like it was when I first moved here in the 80's. Still a lovely place to live with some good creative players to play with here on the Coast.

Yes you better get those suitcases.. err....I mean plastic bags :} packed. Remember to put anything small made of metal or they can percieve to be a unboard threat in the underbelly of the plane NOT in your carry on!

Have a great trip and do visit some of our DW members in Yorkshire and up in Manchester down the road. The trains out of London are fast and efficient to all points North...... by a Brit Rail pass..... you can have a pint on the train too :}

Start packing.....:}
Yeah, I figured you guys locked up your stuff too! Is that really true about the gangs? Wow, crazy, I thought Toronto was bad!!! I've always wanted to visit Vancouver, though that now seems unlikely as I hate flying and I'm moving much further away from you! I have to admit something only Canadians will get, James Barber (RIP) made me want to visit Vancouver!

Yeah man, I WISH I could just chuck things in plastic bags. There's a good story of how Paul Motian saw Joey Baron many years ago in the airport with a paper bag of sticks, whist Paul was carrying all his gear (or at least his cymbals). Paul said 'where's the rest of your gear?' Joey- notorious for using whatever's available- replied that he just carried that bag with some sticks and underwear on tour! But uh, no I don;t really have a good suitcase, so I'm probably going to pack a bass drum bag instead, which the airline said was cool. Good for me as it's much lighter than a suitcase!

I did a purge of my wee 18" cymbal bag that I'm carrying on (with cymbals) for all manner of sharp, metal things and so on. Deadliest thing I have is my manhole cover of an 18" prototype ride=).

I will absolutely visit anyone any everyone who will have me. I guess maybe that's part of why I started this thread. I kinda wanted to get a look at Britain from others, I want each persons perspective, you know? You're all going to want to show and tell me different things, tell me stuff about your town or place, or your own experiences, what's important to each of you. And I think that is pretty f*****g cool, I must say.


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