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Default Re: This is not a goodbye thread

Originally Posted by jazzgregg View Post
Thanks for the well wishes freebird! I AM excited, and a little nervous but probably not as much as I should be! I'm glad there will always be something for me to do there, I DO get bored easily. Also, I am a history nerd so er, yeah- UK....=)

Canada has it's benefits and I would be glad to answer any questions however,clearly do not ask ME if it's a great place to live (Toronto, anyway). What makes Canada so appealing to you guys, if I may ask?

I know where Manchester is, my British geography is pretty good (except apparently for Greenwich, but shhh, Duncan). So what do you guys mean 'second city'? Would that be a status thing, or an importance thing? Is it an official designation or not?

Are you a United or City fan, Freebird?

Thanks again!

Yea I got a good impression of Canada from BFC too lol. But I dunno it just seems like nice place, friendly neighbours to the north and all that. I don't have any real knowledge of the place. I suppose I'd just like to be somewhere where it snows at christmas lol.

The second city thing is more of a status/pride thing, nothing official. Some people say that Manchester should be the capital (mainly people from Manchester lol) but obviously it's never going to be so we settle with 'second city'.

Oh and it's Man U ftw. The rest of my family are city fans so it causes trouble :P If you're coming to England you're going to have pick a team. You can't just say you're neutral. Just to prepare you before any footy fans probe you! :P
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