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Default Re: This is not a goodbye thread

Ha ha, eddie, yeah, that's the common misconception. I think the people Michael Moore talked to in that movie were just crazy. No one I know leaves their door open usually and NEVER unlocked. Mind you, I'm in Toronto, maybe it's different elsewhere, but it's still not a wise move! What about Vancouver Stan, do they there?

Canada IS geographically...abundant, let's say. Mostly because for size of the bloody place, there's barely anyone here! Don't get me wrong though, Canada IS a nice place.

I know a smattering of Manchester (mostly football oriented, but historically too). Didn't know Coronation St was filmed there though. I CAN say I was gutted when someone told me that East Enders was filmed on a set, and Walford was fictional.=) I will absolutely visit Manchester at some point (for football)- and thanks Stan for your Canadian perspective, I always appreciate that. I think its cool to have both sides, the British perspective and the Canadian one, like Stan and Boomka, for example. I also appreciate the history lessons and cultural stuff, thanks guys, really. By the way, you;re right Stand, it's REALLY getting close. I should be packing.... They take plastic bags from the supermarket on the plane as baggage, right????

Duncan- only too true, both parts! We'll find a place, don;t worry. Besides, if we drink too much you can always crash on ....table....uh....bass drum case?

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