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Default Re: A peek inside JoJo Mayers head...

Originally Posted by SickRick View Post
More JoJo Mayer from this Video. Only the first part, maybe I'll tackle the last part also if I find the time. But the two fills in the beginning are just so damn cool, I had to transcribe them.

Oh btw: Does anybody know, if JoJo ist left-handed? Just asking this because he seems to "think" left handed (starts almost every paradiddle-like sticking with left, plays left-handed flams exclusivly - at least there is not one right-hand flam in either of the solos...). Just curious about this.

Originally Posted by ace76543 View Post
i love you more than life

I'll second what that dude said! It's so awesome having guys like you on the forum.
I've also come to notice the lefty-fills and flams. I'd be very, very surprised if he was a lefty, but I recently noticed in a YouTube video (something like "Oli Rockberger Jojo Mayer duo Zurich") he started a really powerful fill left handed, which surprised me a little. I looked back through a few old videos, and sure enough, he does start a lot of stuff left handed. I'm sure there is a good reason - probably so he can end with a right.
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