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Default Re: This is not a goodbye thread

Originally Posted by jazzgregg View Post
Thanks for the well wishes freebird! I AM excited, and a little nervous but probably not as much as I should be! I'm glad there will always be something for me to do there, I DO get bored easily. Also, I am a history nerd so er, yeah- UK....=)

Canada has it's benefits and I would be glad to answer any questions however,clearly do not ask ME if it's a great place to live (Toronto, anyway). What makes Canada so appealing to you guys, if I may ask?

I know where Manchester is, my British geography is pretty good (except apparently for Greenwich, but shhh, Duncan). So what do you guys mean 'second city'? Would that be a status thing, or an importance thing? Is it an official designation or not?

Are you a United or City fan, Freebird?

Thanks again!

I just think canada seems like a nice place, i guess they were probably being a bit biased but i remember on BFC the video they were basically showing how many people in canada leave their doors unlocked because of the lack of burglaries. Apparently. It's a beautiful place in terms of it's geography too.

Grenwich is in south east london, it's where what was the millenium dome (now the O2 arena) is. It's the opposite side of the bank from where all the big business buildings are. It's also the centre of time, and the world's largest talking clock.

Manchester is actually the 2nd biggest city in the UK second only to, well i think you can guess eh? Historically it was one of the centres of the industrial revolution. These days it gets many visitors each year and the universities are some of the best in the country. It's highly multicultural with a massive chinatown area and there are a hell of a loada shops. Many classic and famous UK TV shows such as Coranation Street are made in Manc too.

But i think possibly above all that stuff is what you just mentioned. The Footie. Manchester utd. for people in this country (people who aren't fans at least) is known as being "the team that is supported by almost everybody who ISN'T from Manchester!" Let's face it, along with Arsenal, Real Madrid and FCB Barcelona, Man U is possibly the most famous football club in the world. Every football fan from Alaska to the phillipines (sp?) and Austrailia has an opinion on Manchester United whether they love or hate the team. I think that has got to have something to do with the Economic fortunes of the city.
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