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Default Re: This is not a goodbye thread

Thanks for the well wishes freebird! I AM excited, and a little nervous but probably not as much as I should be! I'm glad there will always be something for me to do there, I DO get bored easily. Also, I am a history nerd so er, yeah- UK....=)

Canada has it's benefits and I would be glad to answer any questions however,clearly do not ask ME if it's a great place to live (Toronto, anyway). What makes Canada so appealing to you guys, if I may ask?

I know where Manchester is, my British geography is pretty good (except apparently for Greenwich, but shhh, Duncan). So what do you guys mean 'second city'? Would that be a status thing, or an importance thing? Is it an official designation or not?

Are you a United or City fan, Freebird?

Thanks again!

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