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Default Re: A peek inside JoJo Mayers head...

Originally Posted by frank0072 View Post
Great job! I won't be learning it, but some of us here probably will :-).

Do you have a website with transcriptions?
Thanks Korompay and Jazzin! Korompay: Your transcription of JoJos DnB groove was what got me started doing this transcription... And for all the cool transcriptions you have made and shared here, I felt that I owed this one to you personally. So that's basically my way of saying

"Thank you Korompay and Terry Branam, keep doing what you're doing, its great! I and many other people love it and work on your stuff!"

Frank0072: You don't have to learn the whole thing.... :) just watch through the video and if you like a certain fill / lick / groove you can now just check the notation and then work on it. There is a ton of really cool stuff in there that's worth checking it out.

Unfortunately I don't have a website, but I do have some more transcriptions. Maybe I should start a thread like Korompays with all the stuff in it. Website is the next thing on my schedule :)

Cheers, Lutz

Oh btw: If anybody has any questions about the transcription, I do have plenty of good tips on how to work on all the parts of the solo. (I can play most of it, but not as fast and not in one take - that's my personal summer challange).

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