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Default A peek inside JoJo Mayers head...

Hey everybody,

if you're still searching for a summer-challange or just have way too much free time on your hands, you can now stop picking your brain about what to do and get to work!

The sickest Rick of this board brings you the hippest grooves, the flashyest fills, the fastest licks and the coolest phrasings right of the brain of JoJo Mayer onto this very site.

From Germany with love, here comes the big one: JoJo Mayer Performance 3 transcribed in detail with all stickings (and even the part that is cut out on the video here on Drummerworld) by his lordliness aka SickRick. Enjoy.

Before you ask: around 40 hours.

The pics are mainly here to impress the shit out of you. If you want to print it out and work on it, I highly recommend the PDF because of the better quality.

Bernhard: Do you want to embedd this on the main site right under the vid? That would certainly be an honour for me! I can mail you the pics in much better quality for that matter if you like, just PM me on that matter.
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