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Originally Posted by Clint Hopkins View Post
Great podcasts Frank! There is "production value" in hearing you talk about, not only your wonderful album, but composing, your influences and playing in general. I'm going to subscribe immediately. Thanks for your consideration to my question.

Thanks Clint,
Spread the word. I would like to use the webcast as my main broadcasting and info tool.

Your question is deep and has many viable answers.
I am always working on my time. As Jeff Porcaro once said "Time is a bitch".

I practice time with tracks and clicks. I also practice without and listen back to see if it feels good.

When you bring in other players the whole game changes, sometimes it gets easier and sometimes harder depending on who you are playing with and how well you gel. I "need" a bass player with good time or the whole playing experience becomes just work.

Try vocalizing different subdivisions either out loud or in your head while you are playing a groove. This will help a lot. It will also help with any tendencies to rush a fill... at least it helps me.

Stay in touch Clint.
All the best