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Default Re: Breaking sticks left and right...

Originally Posted by brittc89
Rimshots have to take a toll on sticks. You cant get a correct rim shot sound unless your stick is hitting the rim, which I absolutely guarentee will wear through a sick faster than a hi-hat or normal storke on a drum excluding the rim.

If you are breaking sticks from rim shots, then you are flat out beating the living daylight out of your drum, or you have razor sharp rims. Hi-hat edges whittle away at the shoulder and neck of a drumstick much faster, as long as you aren't bashing the heck out of your snare.

I know what you are talking about; I've seen those guys with big old 5b sticks that are splintering about halfway down the stick. That's the first sign they are beating the crud out of their drums. a rim shot doesn't have to be made 1/2 down the stick...

A lot of high volume gigs will cause you to go through a couple pairs of sticks in a night (Check out Carter Beauford on the Gorge video), but I was under the impression these guys in this thread were saying they broke sticks in one whack of a rim shot.
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