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Default Re: Metal sound engineers I need your help!

Originally Posted by Christ-Hammer View Post
Sorry guys, I wasn't to clear in my post. I meant live situation as in we did it like a live recording, but I was the only one recording and I was listening to my guitar player through headphones. So it was like doing a live one, but track style and my guitar player just recorded over my drum parts. I will try and figure out rapid share, I have never used it before so wish me luck :D and I will link you guys to it. Another question, the recording I have currently is only the drum and guitar track and they are not mastered, but my question is does mastering a recording really make a big difference? My band keeps saying it will, but I don't trust their word. I will have more questions later, but I don't want to burden you guys with too many at the same time. Thanks for the replies, off I go....
Yeah mastering does make quite a bit of difference, it gives the recording more "prescence" and really integrates everything together a bit more. Your drums actually sound pretty good. You need to really have it in stereo though, 2 overhead mics mixed left and right. Then for the guitar you can record it with 2 mics on the amp mix one of them left and the other right, delay one of the tracks by a few milliseconds and it gives you a really nice stereo effect on the guitar. This is of course if you only have one guitar player/part. If there's 2 then just mix one left one right and your uncle's name is bob, that's how almost all the metal bands you ever hear with 2 guitar players record their guitar parts. Then it's really just a case of EQing things for a bit more treble and adding a bit of compression and it should sound really good mate :). The other thing i would say is having listened to it, definetly use a metronome next time, ship just needs to be tightened up really if you know what i mean.
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