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Default Re: Show us your tiny kits

Here's my tiny I've shown it before but...
Numa you're worse than Larry! Any more than a carful is wasted, isn't that what they say? :)

There are some seriously sexy cymbals on this page! The Instanbuls look great. What do they sound like?

I was getting a new snare head today and I was chatting with one of the customers who recommended the Zildjian Beautiful Baby as an awesome crash ride. I came across a thread here today and everyone who has them seems to like it. I love cymbals (in moderation, of course :)

I'm tossing up replacing my Profile with one and maybe *ouch!* replacing the stomp box with a kick. Not 100% sure the experiment worked at the moment. It's great for low volume but when we're in a bigger space ...
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