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Default Re: Metal sound engineers I need your help!

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i think this might be partly to do with it. It obviously feels a lot better to be able to record the whole take as a band but really it's a lot easier to get a good sound out of a recording when all the parts are recorded seperately simply because of better isolation (when pro bands record in studios as a band they usually will have the guitar amps in another room to the drums and do the main vocals seperately in order to achieve the same sort of isolation that you would find had everything been recorded seperately) and also i don't know how much of an issue this is but you would be able to use all the microphones to record just the drums rather than having to spread them out which will give you a better sound too, especially for metal. Really you need to have each any every drum miked up for metal and other loud music styles otherwise you simply won't hear them.

Yes, do record to a metronome. There are some types of music that may sound more "organic" or whatever when you don't use a metronome but metal really is just so i guess "precise" that a metronome really helps you to nail it.

I guess i wouldn't mind hearing this recording, my email adress i think is in the top bar of this post somewhere, you're better off sending it to the Yahoo! one since i use that all the time.
Sorry guys, I wasn't to clear in my post. I meant live situation as in we did it like a live recording, but I was the only one recording and I was listening to my guitar player through headphones. So it was like doing a live one, but track style and my guitar player just recorded over my drum parts. I will try and figure out rapid share, I have never used it before so wish me luck :D and I will link you guys to it. Another question, the recording I have currently is only the drum and guitar track and they are not mastered, but my question is does mastering a recording really make a big difference? My band keeps saying it will, but I don't trust their word. I will have more questions later, but I don't want to burden you guys with too many at the same time. Thanks for the replies, off I go....
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