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Default Re: BONNAROO

Originally Posted by zzdrummer View Post
I am so very jealous. Hard to get to Tennessee when your still in school, I've been wanting to go fo a very long time, can't wait until I am in college to road trip it. Bruce and Phish? My friend told me about that after it happened and I went nuts. Did you happen to check out Wilco? Always wanted to see them live.

didn't get to see wilco. i think they were on at the same time as TMV of Snoop. just one of the many bands i wish i could have gotten to see but couldn't because of conflicting schedules. and yes, the boss and phish on the same stage at the same time playing the same song. most excellent. definately go next year if at all possible. and buy your ticket as soon as its avalable. its cheaper and it doesn't matter who's playing because the line-up is going to be sick. its always sick, and it always will be sick.
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