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You know.....I'm only 22 and I've come to realize something yet again, that's pathetic about America. It's the American appreciation for the arts, and more specifically, JAZZ! I'm going into my Senior year of college at a State School called Oneonta in NY State where I'm studying Music Industry. I could go up to 90% of the student body and they couldn't tell me the first thing about Jazz.....OUCH! Isn't Jazz Americas indigeounus music? If it wasn't for Kats like Art Blakey and Elvin Jones Jazz would have been dead alot sooner. I think that people need to understand where drummers of great bands like Led Zeppelin and Cream go all their influence. It's called Jazz, and it's American. I can count the number of Jazz Labels on 1 hand...very sad. Elvin is truely a stand out player and yet not many people know who he is outside of the jazz and drumming community. Anybody out there feel me?
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