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Originally Posted by tha_next_NJJ View Post
i dont see how ANYBODY can put down Joey like that when no one here can measure up to his talent EVR. he has truly amazing foot speed and unbelievably fast hands. now i agree that he could use more styles to get the "best" drummer title, but in his genre of music, he owns it. he owns metal, lars ulrich has rock, and travis barker is a showy, and shitty, drummer. now, i kno that im just doin tha same thing yall r doin and criticizing the drummers of the genres of music that i dont listen to, but any one of yall let me kno when yall can measure up to joey. Good Luck.

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Hmm seems you are quite the ignorant. I would say many and a lot of people on this site have probably surpassed Joey in a lot of ways, i am by no means one of them, however you can't make claims like that when you haven't heard every drummer on this site play. As for owning metal maybe he owns mainstream metal but my God i prefer a lot more metal drummers to Joey. Dave Lombardo, Martin Lopez, Chris Adler, Mike Portnoy (just a few). Now i'm not putting Joey down, he is amazing and has heaps of talent but technically he does a lot of the same stuff every song whereas Portnoy or Lopez are always trying new things and being diverse. Try not to be so ignorant, good luck with that.
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