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Default Re: What's in Your Bag?

Here's what I have in my bag. I have more mallets than sticks!

Humes and Berg Tuxedo Stick Bag

2x Encore 43YB Yarn Mallets
2x Innovative Percussion IP240
1x Malletech unwound mallets (model number has worn off over time)
1x James Ross Xylo mallets
2x Innovative Percussion IP300
1x Vic Firth M188 Vibe Mallets
1x Mike Balter Model 3 Mallets (xylo?)
1x Zildjian Cymbal Mallets
1x Innovative Percussion F2
2x Vic Firth Dave Weckl signature sticks
1x IP Ed Soph signature sticks (hickory)
1x Cooperman Greg Zuber sticks (persimmon)
2x Vic Firth Buddy Rich signature sticks
1x Unknown brand orange sticks
1x Vic Firth Timbale Sticks
1x IP Paul Rennick Marching Snare sticks
1x IP Jim Casella Marching Snare stick
1x Pro-Mark 5A sticks

Sorry about the terrible quality... Had to use my Blackberry because I can't find my cord to upload with my camera.
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