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Default Re: BONNAROO

Originally Posted by FourOnSix View Post
Anybody else go to the bonnaroo music festival in tennesse this year? It was absolutely incredible and you should plan on going next year if you couldn't make it this year. Phish was incredible and Bruce came out and played mustang Sally and Glory Days at the end of the first set of thier second show. Phish Gov't Mule Bruce Springsteen the Beastie Boys Snoop Dog the mars volta all in the same weekend. and thats not even counting ben harper ani difranco andrew bird kaki king and the hundreds of other artists that were there for the festivities. best 300$ i've ever spent was on a ticket to bonnaroo. u should do it if you know whats good for you

So far as im concerned as long as both I and bonnaroo are alive i will be at bonnaroo and you should be too.
I am so very jealous. Hard to get to Tennessee when your still in school, I've been wanting to go fo a very long time, can't wait until I am in college to road trip it. Bruce and Phish? My friend told me about that after it happened and I went nuts. Did you happen to check out Wilco? Always wanted to see them live.
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