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Default Re: Breaking sticks left and right...

When i first started i had VF5A's which lasted Just over 2 and a 1/4 years with 1.5hr practice everyday! So maybe i got sum good pairs. Also only one broke, so i bought the same pair again, these last another 5 months so then i had i from the old pair and one from the new pair, then the tip broke on one and they are now they r in my 'percussion' sticks part of my stick bag. My first 2 and a bit years of playing i found 5A's where perfect for me, so thats y i only used them, and i only used them so i only ever had them and another back-up pair. So 2 pairs of VF5A's lasted me 2.5 years.

But now i use VF Steve Gadd sig sticks for most playing, and for Jazz Vater 7A's. I don't like VF 7A's. I find them a bit heavier and thicker than the Vaters. But the SG Sigs r great sticks. Perfect for me, you can get a really good grip on them, but if your a sweater in your hands than i they can slip a bit. I dont sweat in my hands really unless itss a hot day, then i use normal 5A or 7A sticks. Then only downer about the SG Sigs is that they look great when you buy them, with their black finish and all, but cymbals and rimshots take their toll and they get dents/chips like normal sticks but cause they r black on the outside, u really notice the dents in them. But thats only a visual thing.
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